PYL Younique Album Vol. 1 with S.M. Entertainment

SM collaborated with Hyundai to release a project album comprising of 3 songs: 1st song by BoA releasing on 16 Oct; 2nd song on 17 Oct by Hyoyeon, Eunhyuk, Taemin, Henry, Kai & Luhan; 3rd song on 18 Oct by Jessica.

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say! hun

 ”Do you know what tonight is?” he asked, his voice smooth and low. “Tonight is the full moon. It’s funny how the movies get some things right, and other completely wrong.” His voice took on a lyric tone, as if telling a story. “Contrary to popular belief, lupins don’t change into wolves during the full moon. Actually, most lupins aren’t even affected by full moons. Only alphas have that joy. No, we alphas don’t change into wolves during the full moon.” He brought his mouth closer to Kyuhyun’s ear, reveling in the hitch in the other’s breath.
“No, we become another kind of beast. A beast of the sexual kind. You see, alphas have sex drives that can’t be satiated simply by jerking off ‘with our right hand’, as you so nicely put it once. We have drives that require some sort of relief in the ‘ramming into someone hard’ kind. Unfortunately, thanks to the little trick you’ve been pulling, I’ve been unable to find anyone to solve my current problem.” Donghae licked to rim of Kyuhyun’s ear, feeling Kyuhyun’s shiver run through him. “And right now, you’re looking particularly good.”
Excerpt from Howl- http://wineandpencils.livejournal.com/2280.html